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Victoria is Australia's premier racing state, offering the country's most exciting and rewarding racing. With annual attendance figures topping more than 600,000 patrons, country racing represents a genuine opportunity to reach a diverse group of people in regional areas.

Country racing events are some of the most popular leisure pursuits in Victoria, bringing together people from all walks of life. Racing encapsulates entertainment, but is also strongly focussed on social and sporting values.

Sponsorship with Country Racing is one of the best platforms to deliver branding or a marketing message to people who live in regional areas. Victorian race clubs are ideally located to allow you or your client to communicate, launch, sample and promote its message and/or product to its target market.

Alternatively, contact Darren Galley (Marketing & Business Development Manager) on (03) 9258 4292 or email


TAC Country Racing Victoria (CRV) and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) have been in partnership since 2005, to ensure attendees at major racing evnts are aware of the dangers of drinking and driving home.
At these meetings TAC representatives can be found providing free bottled water and free breath-testing as part of the service.
The aim of the partnership is not to stop people enjoying a drink at the races, but to ensure racegoers continue to do so in a safe and resposnible manner.
centerbet CENTREBET are proud sponsors of Country Racing in Victoria, with upwards of a dozen tracks in the CRV network now sponsored. CENTREBET’s involvement in Victorian Country Racing has grown significantly in the last year & they are excited about the opportunities that the new season promises. CENTREBET’s unique offer to pay members’ subscriptions for the 2011/12 season has been warmly embraced by most of their sponsored clubs.CENTREBET’s range of tote guarantee products, headed by SUPERBEST+, take the guess work out of getting the best price to ensure their customers get the best price guaranteed.
 help For some people gambling can change from entertainment and pleasure and become an issue. When that happens, gambling can play too big a role in a person's life and hurt them, their family, friends and the people who care for them.
mantra Mantra Hotels, Resorts and Apartments offer premium accommodation in the best locations across Victoria. Whether for business or leisure, our extensive collection of hotels, resorts and apartments capture the natural charm and ambience of their distinctive locations, from the bustling CBD to serene coastal escapes along the Great Ocean Road.
Stylish decor, quality service and the best locations are all part of the offering.
hygain Established in 1983, HYGAIN has been leading the way in the area of equine science and nutrition for more than 20 years. At HYGAIN we know horses. Our staff members have been involved in the horse industry, many for generations, carrying a strong sense of responsibility to horses and their owners. This is reflected in the unconditional quality of our feeds and is backed by years of extensive research in the area of equine nutrition. At HYGAIN we are all working together towards one common goal - 'Creating Customer Satisfaction'.
Our driving commitment is to excellence, quality and service to our customers.
Check out the HYGAIN Trainer Leaderboards at various Victorian country racecourses on the HYGAIN website.
vline Road or rail, there's always an easy way to get to country racecourses. As most tracks are conveniently set within main town centres and environs, you'll never have a problem finding them.
There are rail and bus services to many destinations and several Clubs offer courtesy buses to and from the track from the main train/bus station, making public transport a great option for a relaxing day at the country races. Check out timetables at V-Line.