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The Seymour Racing Club has a wonderful conference/ function centre and is a great place to hold your next wedding, birthday party, engagement party, conference/seminar or celebration of life.

The Racing Club Conference and Function centre offers a picturesque venue in a beautiful garden setting, complete with first class facilities to ensure your day is a memorable one. With one of three rooms to choose from and many catering menu's, we have something for everyone.

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Celebrations of Life


Track Information


The Seymour Racing Club course proper is 1800m in circumference and is made up of rye grass. One of Seymour’s biggest attributes is its 1300m chute which has a straight run to the home turn. The course also has a 1600m and a 2200m chute. Seymour also boasts excellent training facilities, with three training tracks as well as access to the course proper. The training tracks consist of two sand tracks, one for fast and one for slow work, and a synthetic track for galloping. The Club also has a newly installed 50m equine swimming pool.


The Seymour Racing Club will undergo a large refurbishment after the 2015 Seymour Cup. This refurbishment will see the track extended a further five metres, taking it to 23 metres wide. The Club will cease to race until the 2016 Seymour Cup. To download the Seymour Racecourse Masterplan, please click here.

Trainers & Owners


The Seymour Racing Club is home to some 40 trainers who train anywhere between one to thirty horses. Currently the Club sees more than 100 horses trained each morning, Seymour hopes to increase this number.


Seymour Racing Club owners’ facilities have recently seen a large refurbishment. On racedays owners and trainers can take advantage of the new roomy owners room, watching the race day action on screen while relaxing in comfort.


All owners upon production of their owners card will receive free admission to the course on all weekday race meetings. Only owners with a horse engaged to race will receive the same privileges at weekend meetings (including Seymour Cup).  

Terms & Conditions of Entry


Entry Conditions:


It is a condition of entry that no prohibited Goods are brought on to the racecourse premises. The following items are considered Prohibited Goods:


  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Cameras or other devices capable of broadcast quality video recording (unless approved by the Club)
  • Glassware, BBQ's, picnic tables, beach/market umbrella, mobile structures and tents;
  • sporting goods such as footballs and tennis balls;
  • Flares or other explosive or flammable good or equipment
  • Firearms, knives or any other object/item that in opinion of the club may be used as a weapon
  • Laser pointers and any other device that in opinion of the Club may interfere with horses;
  • Animals other than assistant dogs
  • Flags, Banners and Placecards
  • Any item or attire that may be condsidered as offensive by the Club authorised representative.


Specifcally, patrons are advised that the Seymour Racing Club does not allow for outside caterers to supply food and/or beverages unless they are an approved sub-contractor of the Club.


 Food and non-alcoholic beverages may be brought on course for the purpose of personal consumption in outdoor areas only. BYO food and beverages may not be consumed in the Grandstands or functions rooms.. Due to Liquor Licensing requirements, alcohol may not be brought onto or taken off the premises at anytime.


 Please also not that it is a condition of entry to the racecourse premises that all bags and other carriers (such as drink coolers) are allowed to be searched for prohibited goods by the club's authorised representatives. The Club has the right to conduct metal detector searches for any prohibited goods. If found the Clubs authorised representatives will not allow prohibited goods to be brought on to the racecourse premises and may also prohibit entry to the racecourse premises of any person found to be in possession of prohibited goods.


Patrons refusing to be searched by the Clubs' authorised representatives or who are in possession of prohibited goods will be refused entry and/or removed from the racecourse.


The Club also reserves the right to refuse entry and to remove any person that:


  • Behaves in a provocative, disorderley, insulting, offensive, objectionable or unsafe manner;
  • Engages or participates in any conduct, protest or demonstration that may disturb or offent others or which may disrupt or hinder proceedings;
  • Enters the course proper, parade rings, stables or area for the movement of horses without authorisation; 
  • Fails to immediately follow the direction of any official Steward


Dress Standards apply to all areas of the Seymour Racecourse. People wearing attire (including costumes or fancy dress) that could be considered offensive, lewd, derogatory, unsafe or could reasonably be expected to give rise to indecent exposure may be refused entry or removed from the course. Footwear must be worn at all times.


A person may take images of activities at the racecourse for personal use but must not make available any images for comercial exploitation, sale or distribution in any manner unless accredited by the Club or Racing Victoria. Where the Club or the Stewards reasonably suspect that images are being taken for non-personal use, the person taking the images will be liable to immediate removal from the racecourse.


A person found breaching the Conditions of Entry is not entitled to a refund or any money paid for admission to the racecourse. These measures are in the interest of patrons safety and enjoyment, and the protection of the Intellectual Property of the Club and racing Industry.


The co-operation of the public in assisting with these measures is greatly appreciated.

By order of the Chief Executive Penny Reeve.


Club Records

 Distance Records

1000m 56.75 WILD ONE

1100m 1:02.59 CINO

1200m 1:08.30 GUNS FOR HIRE

1300m 1:14.90 RISING SUPREME

1400m 1:22.67 BIN DANCIN’

1600m 1:33.50 ZAPARRI

2000m 2:02.40 RECKLESS DRAW

2200m 2:15.00 RESIDENT

Seymour Cup Winners

  Year    Winner                      Weight                 Jockey             Trainer

 2014    Bel Thor                      54.5                 T. Berry           W. Hunter

 2013    Sysmo (FR)                 54.0                 N. Hall               T. McEvoy

 2012    Callanish (NZ)            57.5                 D. Smith          M. Price

 2011    Tiakinui (NZ                  53                 J. Winks          M. Enright

 2010    Our Lukas (NZ)          57.5                 D. Nikolic       R. Heathcote

 2009    Mandela (NZ)                59                 M. Zahra         R. Yuill

 2008    Aztec Smytzer                53                 M. Pegus         B. Cozamanis

 2007    Correct Amoondo       55.5                 N. Rawiller      R.Douglas

 2006    Thin And Crispy            54                 J. Benbow       P. Moody

 2005    Life’s A Bounty          53.5                 L. Currie          D. O’Sullivan

 2004    Stamen                            56                 S. King            B. Moorhouse

 2003    Storm Attack              57.5                 C. Newitt        R. Smerdon

 2002    Dane River                     54                 D. Nikolic       B. Mayfield-Smith

 2001    Elkabayo                        54                 P. Mertons       M. Price

 2000    Panoramic Lad            54.5                 S. Hyland        P. Hyland

 1999    Typhoon Barney         52.5                 J. Cassidy        R. Cameron

 1998    Final Tempo                   55                 RodGriffiths  D. Bourne

 1997    Reeperbahn                 53.5                 G. Childs         R. Symons

 and      Shistad                             51                 C. Williams     R. McDonald

 1996    Video Fan                      56                 D. Brereton     Mrs H. Gilligan

 1995    Toil                              55.5                 D. Gauci          J.J. Houlahan

 1994    Spring Theme              56.5                 RodGriffiths  Robbie Griffiths

 1993    State Taj                         56                 G. Hall                    J.L. Riley

 1991    Purple Curse                55.5                 G. Childs         K.M. Sweeney

 1990    Zaparri                            51                 D. Oliver        S. McKinnon

 1989    Cosign                         53.5                 G. Willetts      C.A.Alderson

 1988    Water Boatman              55                 M. Clarke        C.S. Hayes

 1987    Celtic Heir                   53.5                 G. Murphy      T.J. Hughes

 1986    Dark Intruder              53.5                 P. Hyland        J.J. Moloney

 1985    Tripsacum                    54.5                 R. Heffernan   J.P. Gaffney

 1984    Poachinellar                    53                 M. Clarke        M. Bannon

 1983    Able Archale                  54                 S. Aitken         W.H. Walter

 1982    My Verdi                       51                 B. Clements    K.T. Myers

 1981    Dealer’s Luck                 56                 M. Baker         I.D. Hay

 1980    Rontagen                        52                 W. Treloar      C.A.Balfour

 1979    Going Around                51                 G. McLeish     J. Roberts

 1978    Arwon                            52                 R. Heffernan   G.M. Hanlon

 1977    Massuk                           49                 A. Trevena      J.J. Houlahan

 1976    Grand Scale                   54                 J. Letts              M.L. Willmott

 1976    Pressman                        54                 S. Aitken         B.J. Ralph

 1975   TudorPeak                     56                 P. Hyland        J.V. Burns

 1974    Golden Tally                  52                 P. Hyland        A.R. White

 1973    Red Hope                    56.5                 G. Duryea       A.F. Honeychurch

 1972    Darling Beware           7 13                 H. White         T.L. Millard

 1971    Royal Blend                8   9                 P. Hyland        N.F. Kelly

 1969    Clipper Boy                 8   6                 H. White         E. Ewert

 1968    Delatite Boy                8   0                 L. Hope           A.O.Pilgrim

 Two Cups run in 1976.  1992 Cup postponed to March 1993.


Committee Members 

The Seymour Racing Club currently has nine committee members:

President - Steve Clifton

Vice President - Gerard O'Sullivan

Treasurer - Peter Barry

Ben Davey

Phil Campbell

John Clarke

Brian Schrapel

Chris Martin

Brad Bishop 




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Commencing immediately after the 2015 Seymour Cup, the course proper will undergo a complete reconstruction and widening. This will mean that we will not be racing for approximately 12 months. We anticipate that our first race meeting on the new track will be the Seymour Cup meeting in October 2016. Due to there being no race meetings between November 2015 and September 2016 membership will be offered for a period of 2 years rather than the normal annual period, at the annual cost of $100 or $550 (corporate). 

Download the Memb ership Application/Renewal Form Here


Corporate Membership 

Corporate Membership with the Seymour Racing Club gives you the benefit of belonging to one of Victoria's most vibrant race clubs, while enjoying its outstanding facilities with some of your most valued clients. Race days conducted by the Club provide a unique atmosphere and much excitement, qualities favourable for corporate entertainment.

Corporate members of the Seymour Racing Club will be rewarded with the following benefits:

  • A Corporate Membership pass and guest pass for the 2015/16 & 2016/17 racing seasons.
  • Your own sponsored race, including race naming rights, race book acknowledgement, and corporate hospitality for four (4) people including luncheon & beverages
  • Receive reciprocal admission rights to Kilmore and Echuca Racing Clubs, excluding feature meetings.
  • Receive free admission to Bendigo racecourse and Members' Reserve at non feature race meetings. Receive free admission to Members' Reserve after payment of admission to feature race meetings. Excludes Bendigo Cup.
  • The right to purchase a subsidised corporate entertainment and promotional package on any Seymour Racing Club race day (subject to availability)
  • A discount on hire of function centre facilites (25% discount)
Membership Fee: $550 incl. GST.
General Membership 

General Membership with the Seymour Racing Club is an affordable way to enjoy all of the season’s quality racing action.

General members of the Seymour Racing Club will be rewarded with the following benefits:
  • Receive a Membership Pass and a Guest Pass for the 2015/16 & 2016/17 racing seasons.
  • Receive reciprocal admission rights to Kilmore and Echuca Racing Clubs, excluding feature meetings.
  • Receive free admission to Bendigo racecourse and Members' Reserve at non feature race meetings. Receive free admission to Members' Reserve after payment of admission to feature race meetings. Excludes Bendigo Cup.
  • Receive a discount on hire of function center facilities (20% discount) 

Membership Fee: $100 (member & one guest pass)


P.O. BOX 85, Seymour Victoria, 3660                                                                


Phone: 03 5799 1681    Fax: 03 5799 1684


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Getting there

Travel & Accommodation


55 Kobyboyn Road Seymour


Approximately 100km from the Airport


 There is a bus that runs from Seymour Station to the Seymour Racing Club. This bus coincides with the midmorning train that arrives from Melbourne. Please contact Seymour Coaches (57921181) for exact times. 
An easy 90 minute drive from Melbourne up the Hume Hwy. Please take the first Seymour exit.



Seymour is situated on the banks of the Goulburn River and offers attractions ranging from military and railway sites to parks, art galleries and wineries. The town is also a service centre for the nearby Puckapunyal army training grounds. In the 1940s Seymour’s Royal Hotel, then called Moody’s Hotel, came to prominence with its depiction in artist Russell Drysdale’s painting The Cricketers. 

Activities and attractions 

See historic carriages, steam and diesel locomotives at the Seymour Railway Heritage Centre, Victoria’s leading rail heritage preservation centre 
Enjoy the newly constructed multi-purpose walking trail along the Goulburn River 

Visit the Old Post Office and courthouse, where local and Australian artworks are on display 

Explore the many parks around the town, including the Lighthorse Memorial Park, Bushland Park, New Crossing Place Park and Goulburn Park, which offer walking tracks with interpretive boards, barbecue and picnic facilities and fishing opportunities 


Trawool Shed

Best Western New Crossing Place Motel:


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